Why You Need Car Maintenance Every 3 Months

How often should I get my car checked?

The average person spends over $1,500 per year on vehicle repairs. If you want to save money on auto maintenance, check out these tips from our experts.

Your car is a big investment, and it deserves regular maintenance to ensure its safety, performance and keep the estimated car valuation of your car in case you decide to sell it. Your mechanic can tell you when to schedule your next service appointment. But before you head to the shop, here are some things you should know about how often to get your car serviced.

How Often Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

Your car’s manufacturer recommends that you have an oil change at least once a month. This will help keep your engine clean and lubricated. It also helps prevent damage to your engine by keeping harmful contaminants like water and dirt away from the engine.

If you drive in heavy traffic or tow a trailer, you may need to do more frequent oil changes than recommended by your manufacturer. In this case, ask your mechanic for advice. He or she will be able to give you an accurate recommendation based on your driving habits and type of vehicle.

You should also perform routine inspections as part of your car care regimen. Check fluids levels regularly, and make sure they match the color of the fluid inside your radiator cap.

When you start to notice any problems with your car, such as a strange noise, a loss of power, or excessive smoke coming from the exhaust system, take it to your local repair shop immediately. A problem with your cooling system could lead to serious injury or even death if not addressed quickly.

What Is The Best Time To Have My Car Served?

Many mechanics recommend having your oil changed during the winter because cold temperatures cause the oil to become thicker. However, there isn’t much difference between the viscosity of oil in the summer and winter. So don’t worry too much about timing your oil change seasonally.

Some people prefer to wait until springtime to have their cars serviced. They say that the weather is warmer then, which means that the oil has a better chance of circulating through the engine’s parts.

Another reason why you might want to hold off on getting your car serviced is so that you can avoid paying extra fees for doing it while your car is being repaired. Mechanics typically charge extra for servicing vehicles while they’re being worked on.

Car maintenance is important. There are many reasons why you need to maintain your car properly. Some of those reasons include avoiding expensive repairs and saving time. Here are five ways to find out what kind of car maintenance program works best for you.

1) Ask your Mechanic

Ask your mechanic what he or she thinks is the best way for you to maintain your vehicle. Most mechanics will suggest that you have your oil changed every three months.

2) Do Some Research

If you aren’t sure whether you should have your oil changed every 3 months, check online forums for information about how frequently you should have your car serviced. You’ll probably find answers to this question there.

3) Look At Your Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual for your car contains all sorts of useful information about maintaining your vehicle. For example, it tells you when you should service your brakes, replace worn tires, and other things. If you have trouble finding your owner’s manual, contact your mechanic.

4) Get An Estimate

Before scheduling an appointment with your mechanic, call him or her and ask them to provide you with an estimate. Be sure to get several estimates before making a decision.

5) Shop Around

Once you’ve decided on a mechanic, shop around for another one. Don’t just go with the first person who offers to work on your car. Make sure that you compare prices and services offered by different shops.

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