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Are armored cars only for VIPs?

Armored cars are one of the most fantasized vehicles of the modern youth. Nowadays, people possess little to no information about Armored vehicles. Thus curiosity takes up a much bigger room in people’s minds. By armored cars, we do not mean the military vehicles used in wars. They are known for their durability in different terrains, mobility in landscapes, often for causing discomfort to their fellow human companions, and strength that they often display against enemy artillery. But the type of armored cars discussed here do look more like civilian vehicles, but with many upgrades and no compromised luxury, these cars can truly be stated as a thing of beauty. For more information about civilian armored cars, you can refer to Troy Armoring armored suv.

Why should a car be armored?

Armoring a vehicle doesn’t necessarily justify that you are prone to the assassination. Most millionaires around the world do the same, for a ton load of money, just because they want to. But Armoring a car converts it into a beast in its newest form. An armored car protects you from obvious threats, such as bullets, fire, armed crowd, and in some cases, even a blast.

The First Use of Armored Cars

The first armored car/vehicle was produced in 1904 by a Hungarian automobile company that had its roots starting from 1899 to 1934. And the first armored vehicle to ever be used in a combat situation was used by the Belgian army in the year 1904. But the first-ever trace of armored vehicles does date a long time ago. Leonardo da Vinci is credited with being the first ever designer of a combat armored vehicle. This invention dates back to 1487.

Why are Armored Cars So Necessary?

The concept of an armored car is fairly simple and serves the purpose stated by its name. A car shielding you from worldly attacks is the task of an armored car. Armored cars are mostly used by VIPs, who are most likely to face attacks, for their face value. Thus, a properly armored vehicle is often mandatory for a specific class of society.

Examples of The Few Best-armored Cars Around The World

  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • BMX X5 Protection VR6
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Citroën CX Haute Protection
  • Citroën XM


Armored cars, considered both luxuries and necessaries, have been around for a long time. It is not now people have raised questions about its credibility and rights to possess one. Armored vehicles are primarily used by the VIP class of people worldwide but are now preferred by civilians too.

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