Can You Replace a Lost Car Key Without the Original?

Do you have copies of your car keys so that if you lose one or even two of them, or they’re stolen, you can always get into your car? No? Well, you’re not alone. Plenty of people rely on just one or two car keys to get them through, but with key duplication by an auto locksmith such a common and readily available service, there’s really little reason for not having a car back up key, or two. All it takes is for you to locked your keys in the car perth, someone else who has a backup key to lose the other, and you’ve got a lockout on your hands.

That said, can you still get a replacement car key if you don’t have the original key? The answer is yes, and here’s how:

Reach out to your dealer

The obvious solution would be to go to your dealership and have them order you a blank key, which they will then reprogram for you. All of this takes time however (often as much as 2 weeks), and it can be pretty costly.

Reach out to a local auto locksmith

An automotive locksmith or car lockout service goshen in can get you a new car key even if you don’t have the original, and they’ll do it far quicker and cheaper than a dealership.

If you still have your original key, on the other hand, and want to get another copy made so that you can always get into your vehicle when you need to, your local auto locksmith can easily do this for you, and will program it for you, too.

Another added bonus of using the services of an auto locksmith to replace your car keys, is that they’re often available around the clock with a 24/7 emergency service, and they’ll come directly to your location, too. No traveling to the dealership, hanging around while you wait to speak to the right person, and then waiting days, if not weeks for your replacement to arrive and be programmed.

Can an auto locksmith help with every kind of car key?

Provided you have the technical information related to your car on hand when you visit a local auto locksmith or car dealership, this should be more than enough to enable them to duplicate the key and program it for you.

Auto locksmiths are great for helping with all manner of car key problems and replacement requirements, and if you have an experienced one in your locality, they could save you both time and money when compared to a dealership.

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