Extend Your Motorcycle’s Fuel Range With Fuel Bladders or Fuel Cells

When planning a road trip, there are several things you must consider, especially if you are going to ride a motorcycle. One of the important considerations you must take is the amount of fuel to carry. Running out of petrol before reaching the next gas station is something you never want to experience while on a road trip.  Hence, bringing a fuel bladder or fuel cell is only reasonable.

Fuel bladders are auxiliary fuel tanks that can be used for different applications. For instance, they are a good solution when traveling to remote areas without fuel stops. They are also a cost-effective safety investment. These containers can be mounted to the side pannier racks, rear racks, or hard cases. Smaller fuel cells can be strapped or stowed inside panniers.

But before your choose what fuel bladder to purchase, you have to check if it suits your needs and preferences. A good quality fuel bladder will come with a spout that you can use to pour your fuel. Some bladders have an adjustable spout. In the case of a bladder that is not adjustable, you will need to purchase a spout separately.

To make sure that you are buying a fuel bladder that will work properly, you will need to ensure that it is made of a fuel-resistant material. The inner bladder should also be leak-proof. Other features that you can look for are daisy chain strapping and a handle.

Three types of fuel bladders are available: inflatable, rigid, and permanently mounted. Generally, the more flexible fuel bladders are preferred for their ease of storage. Rigid fuel containers take up more space when they are full.

Another factor that you should consider is the price of a fuel bladder. High-end models can cost as much as $250. The best options include those that are made of homogeneous vulcanization. These materials are more durable and can be refilled.

Fuel bladders are easy to install and fill. When you are done, you can fold the bladder and store it. Alternatively, you can hang it on your bike or ute. It is also easy to attach a strap to the fuel bladder. This will make it easier to empty the bladder.

If you are looking for a fuel bladder for your motorcycle, it is a good idea to check for durability and get one with tie-down points. This will help you to mount it on your motorbike easily. You will also need to check that the filler cap is working correctly. Some of the newer fuel bladders have a screw-on lid, making filling the bladder more convenient. But, it is essential to ensure that the cap is tight and to avoid dirt and other debris from entering the spout.

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