How AutoStar Can Transport Your Vehicle Across the Nation

Moving across the country or between states can be a hassle, especially if you have to transport your car but don’t know how to drive it. If you have too many belongings to fit in your car during your relocation, you will likely need to rent a moving van. Just how do you drive that car?

According to the online magazine Car Talk, the most common mode of transportation in the United States is the use of trucks. If you need your car shipped across the nation quickly using an open or covered transport truck and trailer, call AutoStar Transport instead of searching “ship car cross country.” We won’t tell you how to move your automobile, and you’re free to use whichever trailer you like. We’ll pick it up from your old address and bring it to your new one.

Transportation Across the Country

According to Automobile Talk, you can transport an automobile over international boundaries via ship or airplane, or you can move it within North America by truck or train. Most automobile owners opt for truck delivery since it is quick and cheap. Using this method, you can save yourself the trouble and mileage on your car, truck, or SUV by avoiding a long trip across the country. People not only use auto-hauling services when relocating but also when purchasing vehicles outside of their immediate area.

Rapid-Response AutoStar Shipments

A car carrier will rapidly deliver your vehicle to its destination. These punctual service providers travel between 500 and 700 kilometers every day, the car should arrive within one to nine days of booking the service. Thanks to our prompt service, we can have your car delivered to your new residence on the same day you do, so you won’t have to go a single day without wheels.

Professional Drivers Make Weekly Cross-Country Journeys

Cross-country road trips in a car might be a stressful experience for some people, but not for those who operate long-haul trucks. Our drivers spend each week crossing the country. Our drivers adhere to the highest safety standards, and we have vast experience traveling throughout the United States. Try not to worry about relocating or taking a long road trip in your new car.

Cost-Effective Cargo Transportation

Your friend’s or neighbor’s car will cost less to ship than yours will. This is done so that individual price estimates take into consideration the specific route and total distance your vehicle will travel while pulling a trailer.

The cost also varies depending on the type of vehicle. The cost to ship a newer vehicle is higher, but so is shipping a really old vintage vehicle. Market conditions and gas prices also play a role in the final price.

AutoStar offers both open and enclosed transportation options. The term “open transport” refers to open-air trailers that can hold up to ten cars. The cheapest choice, but your automobile will be exposed to the weather when you use one of these trailers.

Your automobile and the other cars will be transported in a trailer that has four walls, a roof, and a floor if you opt for enclosed car transport. When it comes to protecting their vehicles from dirt, grime, weather, and inquisitive eyes, this is a popular choice among owners of luxury and classic automobiles.

AutoStar Also Offers Its Services to Businesses

We team together with automakers and dealerships to hand over freshly purchased cars to their rightful owners. In addition, we deliver heavy gear and vehicles for other companies. Our transportation help construction organizations by relocating their construction trucks around the country. AutoStar values partnerships with other companies and works hard to ensure their success.

Getting Your Car Ready to Deliver

Please check that your vehicle is in working order. There are a few things you need to do before we come get the car:

  • Make a list of all the damage the car currently has.
  • Cars should be washed inside and out.
  • Get all your belongings out of the vehicle. Before putting it on the transport, it needs to be fully empty.
  • Maintain the vehicle’s reliability and roadworthiness. In order to load it onto the trailer, the truck driver will need to drive it.

Some of the rules that regulate interstate transport of automobiles come from our internal business practices, the law, and the insurance industry. Each one helps keep you and other motorists safe on the road.

Benefits of Choosing AutoStar Transport

Since our company’s inception in 2007 by veteran auto transporters, we have grown to employ more than 50 people with specialized knowledge. In our first year, we transported around 500 vehicles, and now we transport around 30,000. AutoStar believes that the exceptional care we provide for our customers and their vehicles has contributed to our rapid growth.

The vehicles our customers drive are treasured by us. Our first two or three years of business brought us the majority of our revenue, and those clients continue to come back to us. AutoStar is still committed to ethical practices. We use renewable resources and streamline our supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint.

AutoStar was named in Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list in 2022, which celebrates the fastest-growing firms in the county. We placed 3,719th overall and 171st in the Southeast.

Despite our growth, our commitment to our customers remains unchanged. We don’t just move automobiles around. We promise to look out for them as we ship them all across the country.

Our present service area is global, excluding the USA. Learn more about our services by exploring our online scheduling system or getting in touch with us. If you need to transport your vehicle over a long distance, our website is here to help you out. If you have any questions about how to get your car to its destination, feel free to send us an email.

Contact Us to Request a Quote on Transportation Services

We’re able to cross-country transport anything from a Ford F-150 to an Audi A8 or five tractors. AutoStar provides the service you need at a price you can afford. Click here to get an online quote form or give us a call at 888-802-8250 to get the ball rolling. If you need an automobile delivered or transported, we can do that for you too.

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