How GPS Trackers Are Leading the Fight Against Car Theft

Car theft is one of the pressing issues across the globe, with numerous countries experiencing this menace, and facts reveal that thousands of cars are stolen annually. However, the society has in the recent past been provided with a solution to this problem through the application of GPS trackers. These devices have in a big way limited the way in which the criminals can easily steal cars thus enhancing the protection of automobiles. In this article, you will find out on how GPS tracker assist in preventing car thefts and much more about the aspect of GPS tracker technologies and why every car owner should have it.

Car Theft Trends in the United States of America; Analyzing the Current Situation

Indeed, car theft has been a famous problem for many years and the thugs did not stop inventing new techniques for cars theft regardless of its model and level of protection. This is the harsh reality that has been obtaining over the years where thousands of cars are being stolen every year across the globe thus leading to many losses to the owners of the cars and the insurance firms. Car theft cases have also been on the rise despite the advancement that has been made in the car security systems meaning that there is more that can be done in this Direction.

Understanding GPS Trackers

What Are GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers are gadgets that are used in the identification of a car through the GPS network. These gadgets are commonly small in size thus can be easily hidden in a car. They are in a position to give details of the location of the car and in most of the cases they are in a position to inform the owner that the car is no longer in the stated place. These devices have alerts that help to secure the cars at all time

The following is a brief on GPS Tracking you should consider:

GPS trackers rely on the reception of signals that are sent out by satellites with the purpose of determining the location of the device. The information is then forwarded to the owner of the car’s mobile or PC through the cellular network. The modern GPS trackers have other features such as geofencing, speeding, and tampering amongst others, and this is quite useful in vehicle tracking.

Pros of GPS Trackers

Real-Time Location Tracking

Another advantage of GPS trackers is that it gives the real time location of the GPS tracker. For instance, if a car has been stolen then the owner of the car will know the position of the car and report the same to the police. This feature enhances the odds of recovering the car before the theft leads to harm of the car.

Geofencing for Enhanced Security

Geofencing is an application that assists the owner in defining some areas that are prohibited for the asset to access. If the vehicle crosses these limits, then the GPS tracker will send a message to the owner’s cell phone. This feature is especially quite useful in preventing someone else from using the vehicle which only has to be used in certain areas.

Speed and Tamper Alerts

GPS trackers can also track the speed of the car and if the speed is above a certain level then it beeps. This is quite useful for the parents who would wish to monitor their teenage children or the businessmen who may wish to monitor their vehicles. Furthermore, beeps are used to alert you when anyone tries to turn off or unplug the GPS tracker to avoid tampering with the GPS tracker.

Actual Case of GPS Trackers Implementation

For instance, I once had my car stolen and I can tell you just how much having a GPS tracker can be of help. When my car was stolen and after the car was recovered it was in a messed up condition, I had to purchase a GPS tracker for my next car. The level of protection which it affords cannot be compared to any other protection measure in this world. Knowing that I am in a position to know my car’s location at any one time and receive alerts in the event that something happens to my car has indeed given me some much needed assurance on the safety of my car.

Real-World Success Stories

GPS trackers can be used to get stolen cars and are real life to get such cars back. For instance, a friend of mine had his car stolen right from the parking area of a mall. Thankfully, there was a GPS tracker fitted in the car and hence the police was able to get the location of the car and the car was recovered within hours. Such cases prove that GPS trackers are effective in the fight against car theft and this is why they are part of the contemporary car security systems.

Choosing the GPS Tracker

Features to Look For

However, when selecting this type of tracking device there are some factors that you should consider in order to get the best one. Look for devices that offer:Choose devices that are characterized by:

  • Real-time tracking: Ensure that the tracker is capable of providing the real time position.
  • Geofencing: This feature allows one to set regions that the car must not enter and in the event the car does enter the region an alert will be generated.
  • Speed alerts: This can be used in observing the driving pattern.
  • Tamper alerts: Notifying when one has the intention of turning off the tracker or complete uninstalling of the same.
  • Battery life: It has a long battery life which makes the tracker to last long before it needs to be charged again.

Cost Considerations

Of course, GPS trackers are a great investment, yet one needs to be aware of the prices. Features and brands also affect the price and the prices may not be the same across the board. Certain trackers entail a monthly charge for the cellular network service which forms part of the total cost of the tracker. But the sense of relief and the possibility of saving some money by not having to buy a new car after it has been stolen is usually much more important.

Challenges to Vehicle Security in the Future

Advancements in GPS Technology

GPS trackers are not an exception when it comes to the enhancement of technological advancement. Possible developments can be better tracking with the location, longer battery duration, and compatibility with other smart gadgets. These enhancements will therefore strengthen the GPS trackers in preventing and fighting against car theft.

Integration with Autonomous Vehicles

Self- driving cars are now in the market and this means that GPS trackers will play a great role in increasing the safety of the cars. GPS is used in the functioning of self-driving cars hence making the incorporation of security systems suitable. This will also ensure that the valuable items are protected even more since they will be enclosed in the car.


Car theft is among the most aggressive crimes that has been fought with the use of GPS trackers as one of the most efficient strategies. Because of the factors such as, real time location tracking, geofencing, and speed tracking, they are very essential for any vehicle owner. The effectiveness of the measures in the prevention of theft and recovery is also encouraged by real life experiences and incidences of people who have used them. This, therefore, means that GPS trackers for vehicle security shall continue to become even more vital in the future. One of the precaution that you can take so as to enhance the safety of the car is to buy GPS tracker.

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