Is It Possible to Move Your Leased Car Out of the State?

Are you relocating to another state? If you are planning to drive a rented vehicle, make sure that you double-check your lease before hitting the road. You may not have legal power to transfer the automobile out of your state, if your legal agreement does not permit the same.

If your legal agreement allows you to do it, then you have to take some additional measures to register your vehicle in the new state, where you want to move it. In this post, you will learn about everything that you should know before driving your rented car to another state.

Lease Agreement

To find out whether you can move your car or not out of state, you have to read the agreement carefully. Check the terms and conditions properly. In general, most of the people find it difficult to understand the lease agreement. You should have sound knowledge on the leasing industry or you should be an attorney to understand the lease agreement. To avoid unnecessary confusions, you can contact your lessor. Never lose hope if your agreement says that you cannot move your leased car out of the state.

Most of the lessors change the agreement from time to time, but for this you have to first inform them about your relocation. You have to sign the updated lease, reading the new terms and conditions properly. Most of the states require you to re-title your car, following relocation. However, if you are not the owner, you will not have any rights to re-title your leased automobile. You could contact local titling authority in your new location before making a move from your current location.

You can also contact your lessor to know about this process. It is important to register your vehicle along with re-titling before moving to your new location. The terms “registration” and “title” are not interchangeable. Once the whole process is done, it’s time to choose a shipping company.

Most of the people choose to ship a car via enclosed carrier due to greater safety levels. Ship a Car, Inc. is one of the most popular companies in the US, which provides both open air carrier and enclosed carrier shipping services. Check their website online to know about their services in detail.

What should I do when my lease expires?

When it comes to registration, it shows whether you have paid the taxes or not (state taxes). Upon registering your vehicle, you will get a license plate and some documents, which shows that your car is roadworthy. Remember that, you must return the vehicle once the lease expires, or check with your lessor to know about the lease renewal process.

Open Carrier Services

When you choose open air carrier services, your vehicle will be transported in an open trailer. In general, your vehicle will be exposed to air, rain etc., when you choose open air carrier services.

Enclosed Carrier Services

When you choose enclosed carrier services your vehicle will not be exposed dust or rain. It will be safely transported in a closed trailer. These services are more costly when compared to open air carrier services due to more safety and security.

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