Is the 2022 Audi S5 Cabriolet a Rarity in its Class?

The Audi S5 is a prominent model name in the segment of coupes and cabriolets that is now hitting the dealership floors very soon, once the automaker releases its 2022 year models. According to many renowned auto critics and specialists, the 2022 Audi S5 models are going to step up next in its performance offering a better speed than its A5 siblings.

For this, the 2022 Audi S5 models are expected to swap the 261-hp turbo-four engine of the A5 models for a 349-hp making turbo V-6 engine. This power lift has already gathered plenty of appreciation for both the S5 coupe and cabriolet models, from the different corners, while the buyers are seen to be happier for the heavy equipment package offered across the entire lineup this year, reported the Porterville Audi dealer. All this was to boost up the acceleration moments of the 2022 Audi S5 models, helping it pick up the speed faster and handle the road challenges better, they added.

New for the 2022 Model Year Release

For the year 2022, one can see the only changes in both the coupe and cabriolet versions of the Audi S5 series, a newly standardized carbon-fiber-look given to the interior accents and the installation of bigger 19-inch wheels replacing the 18-inchers.

Engine Performance

All the 2022 Audi S5 models as a member of the sports car family are expected to be run with the same turbocharged V-6 engine getting it 349-hp after coupling with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Quattro package adds an all-wheel drive setup to the said powertrain.

Rides in the 2022 Audi S5 models are exclusively smooth. Thanks to the newly added launch-control system that pairs with the all-wheel drive traction to ensure such a smooth body roll. The result can be seen in the acceleration speed that records picking up 60 mph from a dead stop merely within 4.2 seconds.

What one must notice here is the fact that in spite of the additional weight gained for its cabriolet body style, the 2022 Audi S5 models are able to achieve this splendid performance figures. For this, we must not forget to acknowledge the clever driving dynamics that the automaker has integrated in its flagship cabriolet S5 models like, 19-inch rims, summer tires, an S Sport package that includes a torque-vectoring rear differential and a pair of adaptive dampers. To drive still smoother one can tailor make the 2022 Audi S5 models with the Dynamic Steering option that quickens up the steering response the more the wheel is turned outwards from its center.

Interior Comfort

The interior cabins of all the 2022 Audi S5 models is marked as super luxurious by most of the onlookers we interviewed at the famous Audi dealer Porterville. The materials it is made of are consistently soft to touch. The fit and finish of every upholstery and hard surfaces have reached the pinnacle of perfection, while the entire cabin offers all the occupants a user-friendly design. With all this in place, the 2022 Audi S5 cabriolet models stand out from the rest of the lot with a handful of rarities, displayed on its cards.

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