Pros And Cons Of Matte Black Color In Your Car

Most people associate matte black with sophistication, mystery, and coolness. Regarding car paint, it is equivalent to an expensive leather jacket. But some people think matte black is more trouble to maintain its worth. You can not use most car detailing products on a matte finish car. Therefore, if you are concerned about the matte detailing in your car, contact Proshield PPF.

Pros and cons of matte black color in your car


  • Looks

We all know how matte black look aesthetic in every car. Matt black can change the vibe of the car instantly. It looks cool because it does not look like any other standard flake. Matte black reflects any image, and it glows with diffused light. Car maker brands like–Hyundai, BMW, and Mercedes recognized the aesthetic feel of the matte paint finish.

  • Photographs 

You can take good photographs with matte black paint; it does not have any swirls or reflections. They stand out in the crowd. When something gets popular for too long, people still look for something “cool.” When you are clicking photos of glossy paints, there are chances of capturing the background in the reflected paint.

  • Hides scratches

We often see circular, shallow scratch patterns on glossy paints of cars. But the textured matte paint finish is different and will not show up as minor scratches. But matte paint finishes are not scratch-proof. Bigger and deep scratches will show up eventually. 


  • It can be easily messed with the look.

There are numerous ways that can negatively impact the appearance of the matte finish. One of the biggest problems is excessive rubbing. We know how a matte finish can be turned to glossy by rubbing sands on the texture. It can also happen with a microfiber cloth when you are cleaning the clean and rubbing too forcefully, causing a shiny spot to appear. When it happens, you have to repaint the affected area.

  • You cannot polish out scratches.

It might have been nice to buff out the swirl marks, but you really cannot remove the deeper scratches without touch-up paint. It is a major frustration that re-painting is the primary solution for most blemishes and scratches.

  • You cannot take your car to automatic washes.

Those who do not know, you cannot take your car to automatic washes. It is because automatic car washes use harsh chemicals and dirty and abrasive brushes to clean vehicles when it slides down the conveyor belt. 

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