Reasons Why Paintless Dent Repair Is Better Than Traditional Dent Repair

A car picks up major dents and dings after a few years of its purchase and if it’s being used continuously. No matter what is the reason behind the dent, it is suggested that you must seek help from a professional dent removal company. And, when it comes to that, there are two types of repair services provided by autobody repair shops – paintless auto repair and traditional dent repair. This article will give you reasons why paintless dent repair is better than traditional dent repair.

PDR requires less work

When a car is dented, people can only think about the most expensive ways to get rid of the dents. So, an individual will worry a lot if his or her car is damaged in a hailstorm. That will be the case if the same person opts for the traditional method of dent repair instead of paintless dent repair. The traditional dent repair process includes stripping, sanding, and repainting of the vehicle. But,paintless dent repair needs no such thing as the technician just applies force carefully to the affected area so that the metal can come back to its original position.

PDR is more cost-effective

Since PDR involves less work, the overall cost of repair is less than fixing your car damage traditionally. The technicians present at the shop that provides paintless auto repair in San Antonio or anywhere else first examine your car and check if PDR applies to it or not. Once, the technicians come up with the solution and if it is PDR, they will fix the dents on your car without even using any chemicals or paints. Some tools are specially designed for PDR through which the technicians get rid of the dents. If the dent is present at a hard-to-reach part of the vehicle, the cost will be high but if there are only minor dents and dings, the cost will be low.

PDR is eco-friendly

The traditional dent repair method involves repainting your vehicle after the dents on it are filled. The paint that is used in traditional dent repair methods consists of solvents like urethane and lacquer that are very harmful to the environment. These solvents are volatile organic compounds that not only cause harm to the environment but also the people using them. As paintless dent removal doesn’t involve repainting the vehicle, it is the best option for you if you’re concerned about the health of the environment.

So, considering these reasons you must opt for a paintless dent repair method the next time you take your vehicle to a dent repair shop. is a professional auto body repair shop that provides paintless dent removal in San Antonio. Their technicians are well-experienced and trained enough to deal with any type of dents and are adept to provide catastrophic hail services as well. They work with all insurances and offer a lifetime guarantee for the repair work they do.

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