Things that Lead People to Buy the 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6

Hyundai cars offer amazing performance and always have a unique design. Even in the electric vehicle segment, Hyundai is making strides and Ioniq 6 is a result of that. It is a new addition to the Hyundai lineup and thus, is a promising EV to buy.

People seeking to get an EV shortly should consider visiting Philadelphia Hyundai dealership and checking this vehicle out. It is a great EV sedan that looks unique and performs well enough to rival any of its competitors in this category.

Things that lead people to buy Ioniq 6

Whenever people buy a car, there are a few aspects they check; these factors are similar when opting for an electric vehicle too. Things which lead people to buy this vehicle is its performance, looks, and price. Therefore, take a look at these aspects of Ioniq 6.

EV powertrain

This vehicle shares its platform with Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 and thus, its powertrain is quite similar. A single motor is offered for the base model and it makes 225 horses; this power is delivered to the car’s rear wheels.

The optional variant comes with dual motors and provides 320 horsepower that is sent to all of the wheels; this takes place because of the rear and front electric motors. The optional powertrain according to the car manufacturer can reach 0-60 mph within 5.1 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest in this segment.

Moreover, this powertrain aids in isolating the cabin to make it quieter and offer smooth rides; also, its handling is engaging enough for drivers to be confident behind the wheel. In addition, it has a low gravity center, which offers a stable vibe when cornering. Lastly, the paddles on the steering wheel offer people to choose regenerative braking’s different modes without having to stop.

  • Battery and other details

This vehicle should provide a driving range of 340 miles when the single-motor powertrain is fully charged. The dual motor is expected to offer 310 miles; however, officially EPA hasn’t released their rating yet for either of the models.

To know more about the powertrain along with battery charging, exact driving range, etc. one should visit Philly Hyundai dealer.

Futuristic looking interior

Hyundai ensured that their EVs would look modern and futuristic for most parts. The same concept is used to build the Ioniq 6. It offers lounge-like relaxation and comfort. Minimalist aesthetic and modern is how one can describe this vehicle; also, its flat floor system offers a spacious vibe when inside the cabin. Also, like any other sedan it can seat 5 people including the driver.

Hyundai ensured the cabin is adequately quiet; for this, they have utilized sound-blocking materials’ several layers between carpeting and floor. Also, its cargo area can hold enough carry-ons; however, if that is not enough, people can stow the rear seat to make more space for luggage.

The Ioniq 6 will have three variants and its estimated pricing will start from $44k. However, to know its exact official details, visit a dealership today!

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