Tips to increase your scooter’s mileage:

In recent days, with the rising road traffic and fuel costs, it has become difficult to keep up the mileage of a bike. It becomes even harder if it is a scooter. Many scooter owners have said that even though they own the best mileage scooter, they are spending too much money on them every day. They also claim that they feel like their scooter takes most of their expenses and results in low mileage. Let us discuss the tips to increase your scooter’s mileage:

Getting regular services and carburetor settings:

Getting your scooter regular services at regular intervals of time plays a major role in your scooter’s mileage. Getting regular services for your scooter not only increases the engine life but also improves the life of your scooter. If you do not service your scooter regularly, it will result in losing the engine’s health and poor mileage. Every time you service your scooter, you should make sure your engine oil is checked. Even after servicing your scooter, if your scooter mileage did not improve, then that means you need to examine your scooter’s carburettor settings. 

Tire pressure check and quality fuel:

Tire pressure will vary for every scooter. You should check the tire pressure of your scooter every alternative day or at least every time you visit a gas station or before leaving for a long drive. The most crucial factor in having the best mileage scooter is to fill it with good quality fuels. You should not fill your scooter with fuels that contain leads. So you should always fill your bike with the best quality unleaded premium fuels for better engine performance. You should not put the choke on for long because it may fill the engine with fuel. 

Avoid rash riding and overspeeding:

Rash riding is not only harmful to your scooter, but also it is harmful to you. Rash riding is known for overlooking potholes, sudden braking and racing. If you do excess rash riding, it will result in significant damage to your engine in the long run. To maintain your mileage, you have followed the mentioned speed limits. This will help you and the people around you to be safe and also helps in maintaining good mileage. You should avoid sudden brakes and changing gears from the initial to the last not properly. 

Kill switch and don’t park in sunlight:

Traffic signals last more than one minute. So, you should not keep your scooter on. You should turn off the engine, and this saves you fuel and helps you maintain your engine life. It would be best if you did not park your scooters in the sunlight. It is because sunlight males the fuel to evaporate and reduces your scooter’s mileage. You should ensure your scooter is parked under a shadow because this will help in increasing your scooter’s mileage. Also, sudden brakes and accelerations will damage your scooter’s engine. 

Final thoughts:

Hopefully, you have learned some tips to increase your scooter’s mileage. You should buy the best mileage scooter that doesn’t give you more repair expenses and fuel costs. So service your bikes regularly and fill them with good quality fuels. And maintaining the same road speed helps in increasing your scooter’s mileage.


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