Understanding the Difference Between Compressed Air and Turbo Paint Systems

Massive painting operations need the use of the proper instruments to ensure that the end product will meet your expectations. Aside from having the appropriate paint grade, you must also have the finest spray gun. There are several variations available on the market. HVLP paint sprayer guns from Apollo Sprayers are often the best choice for the most precise work with little overspray. But, after you’ve settled on a weapon style, there’s one more thing to think about: the system it runs on.

The two most prevalent alternatives are turbine and air compressor systems. They can both be used in the same sentence. However, this is not the case. There are various disadvantages to using the latter, and you must be aware of them in order to prevent disaster.

Fortunately, Apollo Sprayers recognizes the importance of a job well done and provides self-contained turbo machines under the MAXI-MISER brand. You’ll see why they’re the obvious choice as you read.


Depending on the reason for your requirement for a paint sprayer, you may need to move your system across sites at times. This is especially true if you paint cars for other people. You’ll need something you can simply transport.

Because air compressor systems rely on motors to work, they are massive and heavy. Turbines, on the other hand, are compact. They may be more affordable to acquire due to their small size.


The term “overspray” refers to paint that has been misted onto regions that were not meant to be painted. Cleaning up may be both harmful and inconvenient. It also adds to overall paint waste. The pressurized air that atomizes the paint in a compressor-based piece of equipment is difficult to control, which may result in more paint being discharged than planned.

When you choose a turbo system, especially one from Apollo Sprayers, you can expect significantly less overspray. As a consequence, as compared to standard equipment, their solutions are guaranteed to save you up to 40% on paint used. The turbine generates a finer mist, which causes the paint to fall into a smaller area of space.


The scents produced by paint sprayers are one main source of concern. When breathed, this can lead to long-term health issues. Because of the possibility of excess spraying, compressed air machines are more prone to this issue than turbine devices.

Furthermore, there is heterogeneity in their environmental impact. External sources of power, such as gas or electricity, are used to power air compressor paint systems. This combustible exhaust releases pollutants into the environment. The turbine system eliminates this since it only functions on the inner turbine. This not only renders them safer to use but also makes them more appropriate for indoor use.

Choosing the Most Effective Turbine Paint Sprayer

Taking all of this into account, a turbine-powered system comes out on top. But which manufacturer should you trust? Fortunately, that alternative is similarly straightforward: Apollo Sprayers. They have been a pioneer in the paint sprayer business from its start over 50 years ago, changing its products to use the most advanced technology available.

You may expect at least an 80% transfer rate on the paint job to realize the benefits of their equipment. This is more than any of their competitors. Even better, they provide equipment that is suited to individual needs, recognizing that not all tasks are one-size-fits-all. Under the Maxi-Miser brand, you may get turbine systems for car painting, spotting, and even damage restoration!

Paint jobs require significantly more thought than just choosing a color. It would be advantageous if you also thought about the equipment. As you can see, a turbo unit is your best bet for completing the work fast and safely, and Apollo Sprayers has a model for everyone.

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