What You Need To Know Before Hiring Refrigerated Transport Services

Hiring a third-party logistics provider to move your chilled products to your warehouse is an important decision. Choosing a reputable partner is vital for your business. There are several factors to consider before you request quotes from different companies.

Food safety

The state of food safety is a big concern for food distribution companies. Federal regulations call for heightened scrutiny and better oversight of food safety, but many inspections are often behind in terms of coverage and accuracy. For example, a peanut-processing company has been linked to a major foodborne illness outbreak. Cold chain management, time/temperature control, sanitation, cross-contamination, and shipping logistics are also hot spots.

Perishable goods require strict monitoring and human interaction. Additionally, they can come from different suppliers and be mixed, repackaged, and transported to multiple destinations. In addition, secondary ingredients can also be vulnerable to contamination. To ensure food safety, food distribution companies should implement a food defense plan and train their employees in the proper methods and procedures. Training should cover everything from sanitary best practices to the adequate identification of food safety hazards. Carriers must also maintain training records for their employees for 12 months.

Reputable distributors understand the importance of food safety. While it can be challenging to maintain the cold chain, a well-managed company can ensure your products remain safe and fresh. The typical shipment consists of less than a truckload of food products. Therefore, food products must be carefully loaded and stored at the appropriate temperature.


Hiring refrigerated transport services is a great way to move your goods efficiently and affordably. There are several benefits of this type of service, including flexibility of temperature, safety, and on-demand availability. Hiring refrigerated transport services is also more cost-effective than owning your vehicle.

Brexis offers refrigerated transport services throughout Texas. They also offer dry storage and intrastate transportation for businesses. Their specialized service is dedicated to delivering your products efficiently.


One distinguishing Houston refrigerated transport from other services is the ability to provide temperature-sensitive services. This is crucial when it comes to the integrity of goods. Often, goods are transported in unsafe environments and must be kept at a specific temperature. As a result, Houston refrigerated transport companies use a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles, such as electric pallet jacks and curb ramps.


If you are considering hiring refrigerated transport services in Houston, Texas, you will want to look for a reliable company. Refrigerated transport is crucial because it carries goods that must be kept at a specific temperature for safe transportation. However, sometimes there are problems with the transport process. For example, it is not unusual for trucks to break down, which can pose a massive risk to your goods.

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