Types Of Window Tinting You Must Know 

People often neglect the importance and benefits of window tinting. Apart from maintenance, window tinting can play a crucial role in your car. It could help reduce fuel consumption, block harmful UV rays, and protect your skin. You should check out TechTeinte Window Tinting if you need the best and most professional window tinting service. 

Before installing window films on one’s car, people often neglect to be aware of the basics of it. For instance, different types of window tints would be suited for each consumer case. You would be benefited by knowing the different types of window tints. You should install a film accordingly once aware of the latter. 

Let us go through the types of window tints one by one. 

  • Ceramic tints 

Ceramic tints are known to be the most expensive window films one could use. Being the most expensive, these films are the most effective when installed compared to other tints. Ceramic tint does not have any metal particles or dyes. The effectiveness is achieved by using non-conductive ceramic micro particles. These particles help in blocking UV rays without radio or cell signals. Safety and preservation of your car’s upholstery are assured by up to 99% reduction in harmful rays. Ceramic films also reduce glare and possess immense strength with shatter and scratch resistance. 

  • Carbon tints 

Carbon tints are more efficient at reflecting heat without blocking any radio signals within the vehicle. The embedded carbon particle in the tints can block up to 40% of infrared and create a blocking and insulating effect. One can easily use carbon tints in winter or summer. Carbon tints also have a unique matte finish which could look attractive when you want to avoid shining tints. Carbon tints are usually infused with ultra-reflective carbon particles, which could help the film’s shade last longer than dyed tints. 

  • Dyed tints 

You will find dyed tints one of the most commonly used tints. If you are tight on a budget and need something affordable, you should consider dyed tints. Dyed tints are multi-layered and thin films that are made of dyed plastic sticking right to your car’s windows. The intensity of the dye might depend upon your requirements, which will further depend on the film’s density. 

You could install dyed tints to block a fair amount of UV. Dyed tints can help you in keeping your car nice and cool. One can expect dyed tints to offer decent protection at an affordable price.

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