Tires are more vulnerable to the environment than any other product as they continue rolling all day long, carrying you and your vehicle. They go under lots of wear and tear due to heat, sunlight, cold, rain, harsh chemicals, and other vehicles’ dust. So, always buy the right tires which last for longer, like continental tires

Though all tires have rubber manufacturing, they should be developed to bear all types of hazards. High-tech products like tires UAE come with anti-aging chemicals that enhance their lifespan because they can withstand harsh elements. However, such anti-aging compounds can bear abrasion to some extent, and they also get less effective at some point.

The Reason behind Tire Cracks

Generally, high temperatures and heat is the main reason for tires’ damage as they make rubber soft, reducing its elasticity and hardness, causing cracks. You would see the ozone cracks on tires’ tread or sides. However, such cracks are not that dangerous until they come out of the outer surface of the rubber.

Vehicles parked in public places often have tire issues due to more vulnerability to the environment. They develop cracks faster than tires of vehicles, which are parked at home.  Whereas other factors behind cracks include the curb abrasion while car parking, and frequent car service. These factors remove the anti-oxidant and anti-ozone layers from the tires. Even high-quality continental tires may get cracks if you don’t maintain them regularly.

Surprisingly, if your car stays idle for long, cracks develop in the tires, and that seems weird but it’s true.  Ask the car showroom owners who often have to face this issue because their vehicles are mostly inactive.

How to Prevent the Tires From Cracks 

  • The best thing is to park your car in a home garage or under some shade or roof.
  • You can also delay cracks in the tires by using the car cover as it can prevent heat penetration and other elements. This precaution becomes necessary if you live in a hot area.
  • Try to keep your vehicle active quite often but make sure it’s not too hot weather. Frequent driving keeps the rubber’s anti-aging compound active.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaners for car cleaning as they can harm your tires. Go to tire UAE for service as this place uses mild and organic detergent for a car wash.
  • Prevent the car tires to come across curbs while parking.
  • Make sure tires have enough air pressure, besides, don’t put excess weight on your tires than the recommended figure.
  • Some tires have a good warranty time but it is applicable only if the ozone layer gets damaged within a short time. You can’t get any benefit from the warranty if cracks happen due to over-inflation, under-inflation, or some accident.

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