If you require immediate liquidity, car pawn is an excellent option

Perhaps you are in a difficult economic situation. You are looking for ways to balance you again or pay a heavy expense. Conventional pawnshops are one option. However, they provide very little money for clothing or antique items. The best alternative is the Pawn My Car Atlanta. Nevertheless, is it really worth it?

Pawn of cars, a solution for critical situations

Before leaving your vehicle in any pawnshop you find, you should consider some aspects. Typically, the auto loan provided by pawn companies is 70% of the value of the vehicle. If the pawnshop does not acquire the car in custody, it decreases up to 50%. Such percentages are not too close to the value of the car, which increases the commitment of customers not to lose it. Fortunately, there are providers that offer payment facilities and are socially responsible, especially with people with fewer resources.

The requirements they offer are accessible and longer periods are required compared to conventional pawnshops, especially in the unsecured loan. We recommend that the decision to leave the vehicle should only be for truly important reasons. However, most of the people who request the service are in non-serious or temporary situations. For both cases, it is important that they establish a monthly budget in which they determine the expenses.

Types of pledge loans

Secured loan

To get the money, owners must leave their vehicle in the company’s warehouses. If you opt for it, you should not worry about its integrity since trusted brands integrate security systems to prevent the infiltration of unauthorized persons. Your car is also stay away from environmental conditions that may harm its aesthetics or operation. 

Unsecured loans

Customers can keep their car while it is as a guarantee of payment, only a few measures are there, such as the installation of a GPS. This is a convenient option for people who depend on their vehicle to generate income, such as taxi drivers.

What you need to pawn the car?

Suppliers commonly require vehicles to be less than 10 years old, although the period may vary. Others are valid official id with photograph, copy of proof of address, original vehicle invoice, current plates, stickers of the plate number, low or high if foreign, duplicate keys, accept the installation of a satellite location system, etc.

In the end

Since 1886, the car became a great transportation support for many people. Over the years, it has improved both internally and externally, providing vehicles with greater load capacity, easier handling, faster engines, etc. Externally, cars with different designs began to appear, from family cars, luxury cars, to those known today as four by four. Today it is part of the basic needs of people and is a great support when you need to go to the supermarket, to work or if travel plans come out at the last minute. However, most of the population does not know how to make the most of the benefits of having it and they do not consider it more than a transport vehicle, but in the XXI century, it can be a great ally in difficult times, when debts are killing you. 

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